Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tomorrow's Yesterday is Today

This is my very first mix of this site and of the new year and I hope I got off on the right foot. This mix is a collection of ambient and ambient techno tracks I have enjoyed over the years. I have also included an excellent track from an artist named Martes who sent me a link to his album and I was throughly impressed by his work. I hope you enjoy the mix and again welcome to my site.


1. At First Touch - The Sight Below
2. Zauberberg 1 - Gas
3. Wind and Thunder - Yagya
4. Wenn Musik Der Liebe Nahrung Ist - Markus Guentner
5. Can You See Me I'm Waving - Jesse Somfay
6. Answer to Europe - Martes
7. Rare Islands - Anders Ilar
8. Not in a Million Years - Bvdub
9. Because 1 - Ulf Lohmann
10. Kappsta 2 - The Field
11. Great Day - Claro Intelecto
12. AG Penthouse (2. Epoche) - Triola



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